Monday, August 06, 2012

the answer is fruits and veggies

All of you know I have changed my eating habits and have been trying to lose weight.  Well, I have been losing weight.

I was chatting with a friend (she will remain nameless) and she was wanting to find a way to start getting healthier.  I told her that she should just pick one area/thing in her life and change that.  Little by little you can start to be healthier.

For me, I am not very good at the waiting game, so I have chosen to go gung-ho, full speed ahead.  And, so far, it has worked for me.  I have mentioned to several people that I hate reading blogs of these women that have lost weight and they think they are experts.  While I do agree that there are certain ways to go about it, I disagree with them in many other ways.  You don't have to take supplements, powders, and all this other crap.  You don't have to eat X, Y, and Z during the day.  You don't have to run and do certain type of exercise.

It really is pretty simple.  You move and you eat less.  Whatever kind of exercise you can handle, do that!  If walking is all you can handle, then walk.  But, one thing that is true, lower your calories.  I don't even believe in cutting out carbs, or fat, or whatever.  Just practice portion control and moderation.  Really, I truly think it is that simple.

But, there is one thing that seems to help me a lot!  That is eating fruits and vegetables.  They are, for the most part, low in calories.  They are definitely good for you.  And, you can eat lots of them and still be OK on your calories for the day.  I love when I can have a plate full of food and it still isn't that many calories.

Take a look at my lunch for the day.  I had a kiwi, a cup of strawberries, a medium carrot, cottage cheese, and a ham and provolone sandwich.  They sell a type of bread here that is only 42 calories a slice!  Love that!  I'm sure in the States you have all sorts of lovely reduced calorie breads to choose from.

From my Sparkpeople website, this shows  you the calorie breakdown for all of the items.  All that food for only 380 calories!  Pretty good when I am trying to keep it around 1200 for the day.

So far my "thoughts" on how to go about losing weight have been working.  That just shows me there is not an exact formula to it.  I am 6 months and 6 days into this journey and I am down 55 lbs!

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Anonymous said...

I love everything you wrote (3rd paragraph) and I agree. You are amazing . Thanks for posting! I always Iearn something from you dear Valarie. That meal looks delicious .Erika:D