Thursday, August 02, 2012

Emily hangs in there

Sometimes I wonder if what we are doing in school is too much for Emily.  She is not one to sit still, so some of her behavior, I just shrug off as her personality.  There are times when she lets Bella take the lead and just sits and stays quiet when I ask them questions.  Or, she will say she is tired and doesn't want to do school.  (You should know she is a lazy child... )

The girls doing an art project with wooden craft sticks and glue.  FUN, FUN!

Her behavior has me question if it is just her being her or if some of what we are doing is too fast paced.  Not that we are doing rocket science or anything.  But, as I have stated before, she is 14 months younger than Bella.  So, I am basically pushing her a grade ahead of where she should be.

Crazy Emily!

Then there are those moments when she does something that makes me halt the worrying.  Yesterday and this morning, she had a couple of these moments.  And, when she has them, it always makes me laugh.  It is just the way she says something and the timing.  The girl has a sense of humor.  That is for sure!

Emily working on some numbers.

Bella working on some numbers.

While we were on Skype with Mamaw and Papaw yesterday, we were showing what we went over in school that day.  I would ramble off a letter (only Bella was standing with me) and Bella would tell me the sound and tell me words that started with that letter.  We went through a few letters.  Then, I said, "F".  Bella said, "guitar".  Emily walks into the room when Bella said it and Emily said, "NO!  That is G!".  It might not come across as funny here in text. But, Emily just is, I don't know how to explain it.  She just has that timing down and the tone she uses.

Emily's letter/writing practice from yesterday.

Bella's letter/writing practice from yesterday.

Then, this morning, Emily does it again.  I guess I worry about Emily keeping up with Bella.  But, so many times, Emily puts Bella in her place.  Bella was looking at the drawing she did of her grandma (abuelita) that lives down the street from us.  Her and Emily were reading off the letters to spell out "abuelita" and Bella said, "A-B-U-E-L-1..."  She said "one" in place of the letter "I".  Emily, quick as ever, yells, "I, BELLA!"  It makes me laugh just typing it out.  It seems like Emily just thinks Bella is totally ridiculous! 

Bella's drawings of her Mamaw in the US and her Abuelita here.

My worrying is probably normal, but looks to be unnecessary.  Emily seems to be doing just fine.  I just have to keep the girl interested and make her sit still.  Maybe some duct tape would help!  Kidding!

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