Friday, August 10, 2012

happy girls

TGIF!  Right!?  Some weeks, all the days just seem the same to me.  Lately, the weekdays have been more apparent and I am ready for the weekend.  This week was one of them where I am glad it is over.  I'm looking forward to a few days when my phone isn't going to be ringing with someone from work on the other end.

Today, since it was Friday, we took it a little easy in school.  We just did some letter and number review.  We did take advantage of the nice weather outside and took school outside.  (I mean, when isn't it nice weather here?) 

We also got a couple turtles at the fair that is in town a few nights ago.  The girls are in love with the turtles.  However, I think, from the census on Facebook, they are red-eared sliders, which will get quite sizable.  That won't be for a handful of years.  But, these turtles could be in our lives for a long time.  We will see.

I did have the girls draw a picture of their turtles.  They liked that little activity.

They spent time letting the turtles run around on the patio. 

Now we just have to figure out what supplies we need to buy for these little guys.  And, if you were curious, the girls have named them.  Bella named her turtle after her middle name, Elizabeth.  Emily named her turtle the same as the turtle on Wonder Pets, Tuck.  So, Tuck and Elizabeth are now a part of our household.

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Jackie said...

Here in Mexico, they're known as Japanese turtles.

We have one that has been with us for four years now and was about the same size as yours. It's amazing to see how much he has grown. Watch out because when they get bigger, they'll try to bite and it hurts!