Monday, November 03, 2008

the little things

I am usually not the type of person that gets excited over the little things. Actually, I don't get *excited* that often. I am going to blame that on my personality. When things happen it is usually because I have planned it that way. All of you reading this blog know that I am pretty anal when it comes to anything.
Living here has changed that. I have been removed from my element and thrown into a place where nothing is familiar. So when I see something that is familiar I go crazy with excitement.

In this little town there isn't much in the way of grocery items that I would want or need. There is one store in particular that I always joke about only having cookies, rice, beans and cleaning products. The aisles are crowded with those. I should take pictures the next time I am there to show you what I mean. I can't talk total trash about that store because it does carry Dawn dish soap (the only place I have found it so far--I am brand loyal and that is a big problem here).

We found a gemstone the other day when we were driving back from the border. We needed to stop and buy a gift and a birthday cake for Jorge's little brother, Paul. He turned 8 on the 23th of October. We stopped at the Bodega (a branch of Wal-Mart) in the town that is about 20 minutes from our town, called San Juan. We walked through the automatic doors and I thought I heard the angels singing. It is just like a Wal-Mart. Big, lots of stuff like electronics, clothing, decor and groceries. The Bodega here in Jalos is small and has no variety of anything. Of course we found the actual Wal-Mart in Aguascalientes (about 1 1/2 hours from us), where we go every 3 weeks or so. But to go there is a much longer trip with toll roads. This place is like driving to Greenwood for us. I LOVE it!

I needed some groceries and certain ingredients that I know we don't have here so we went there today and I found a BIG jackpot. I have been craving brownies for a long time and couldn't find them but today that all changed. Jorge thought I was going to cry I was so happy when I saw them.

I have also found block and shredded mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, Welch's white grape juice, a oh so lovely frozen cheesecake, Kraft Singles (you know the slices of American cheese) and the list could go on.
They now have all their Christmas decorations out. Whoa! They are pricey. A standard set of lights to go on the tree are $19. I will be buying some items in the US and bringing them back.
I get to experience the joy of the small things down here. My mom always laughs when I tell her my crazy stories about finding items that I couldn't find before. I am sure there are plenty of things down here but there is a lack of those giant stores that carry everything under the sun here which makes finding things more difficult. Shopping in the US is easy and you can find anything. I am stuck here now so I will look forward to all the things that have yet to be found.


Colin said...

I really like picturing you weeping with joy over Duncan Hines brownies.

That's a nice mental image.

Valarie said...

I am glad I could give you a good mental picture. The combo of how boring it is down here with the lack of familiar items tends to make you almost cry over brownies. I am going to buy a tourist book of Mexico when I get back so we can hopefully find some exciting places to visit down here.

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

That was too funny when you described the doors opening and you heard angels singing! I was completely amazed at how some things that are fairly cheap in the US cost an arm and a leg in Mexico. A lot of people think when you go to Mexico you can buy everything really cheap. So not true! I hope you brought back lots of Christmas lights!!