Saturday, November 01, 2008

another circus

Yes another circus is in town. The previous one just left a few days ago and the new one is setting up. This will be the third circus to come to Jalos since I got here in May. I guess the people in the circus business know there is not much to do around here so people will attend all of them.

Well, I think we will pass this time. The last one was enough excitement to last a year or so. We were able to take advantage of them being in town just by seeing all the animals. They have them scattered all across the big lawn where they are setting up. You could walk up to all of them. I guess they are not worried about anyone being bit or hurt. We kept a safe distance. There were a lot of different animals there: monkeys, tiger, lion, pumas, bobcat, ostriches, pigs, ducks, goats, camels, miniature horses, llamas... We took our time (we have plenty of it here) and walked around letting Bella see all of the animals. She gets pretty excited.

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