Monday, November 10, 2008

a little early

Next week at this time I will be packing my bags to get ready to catch a flight the next morning. I won't return until the evening of December 22. I don't want to mess around with putting the tree up so close to Christmas Day.

We went to the Home Depot to look at their selection of trees and decor. They were cheaper than Wal-Mart/Bodega. We got a small tree and some lights and just two boxes of ornaments. I have a box of ornaments that I plan to bring back. You know, the kind that don't match and have been collected over the years. My mom has bought a few for the girls to start a collection for them.

So far Emily has been pretty good around the tree. She gets interested and wants to touch, but "No, Emily" has been working. Annabella, on the other hand, has broken one of the ornaments (**update; now two). She wants to touch them. She grabs them and says, "ball".

I love having the tree up. I would keep it up all year long if it weren't too tacky. I hope having it up doesn't make Jorge too sad while we are gone. We will miss him.

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