Monday, June 07, 2010

walking towards the rain

I didn't walk one time last week. That wicked cold of mine just wouldn't leave me alone and go away.

Today is actually the first day that I don't have to run to blow my nose or cough where it sounds like my lungs are going to bust out of my body.

The forecast calls for a thunderstorm here in Jalos today. And, it is much welcomed if it does come. The last few days it has felt hot here. The house has just been trapping the hot air inside.

Since I feel better today I wanted to get back into my routine of walking. I sort of missed doing it.

Today was a really nice walk. Right before I got ready to leave the sun was shinning brightly and I assumed I will be sweating a few minutes into the walk. Well, I was right.

But, I was walking towards this.

(This picture has not been edited. I downloaded it straight from my iphone.)

I kept thinking I should turn back, but decided to go for it. I did chicken out a little bit before my normal turn around point. Even so, the wind started up and the breeze was so wonderful!

I made it back with just a few drops falling on me. Other that the wind throwing dust in my eyes, it was a very pleasant walk.


grandmamargie said...

Hope all is well with you.

Liz said...

What a beautiful picture! Sorry you've had a cold. I went walking last night and got rained on too, but I love watching storm roll in. :)

Colin said...

That's some boldness, Val. You have my applause.