Friday, June 04, 2010

hello again

I have been absent for a while now. The past week (and currently) I have been sick. I am ready to get over it but for some reason it wants to stick around.

In the middle of being sick Jorge ends up bringing home a puppy.

Yes, such a cute face, but can't get around being a puppy! I am not a fan of puppies. They are just such a pain to deal with. So, that lasted 24 hours and then I had the dog pack up his things and get out of dodge.

I have been battling with Bella lately. I have heard from a few people (and read a few places) that this is an age thing. Let me tell you I hope that is true. Some days around here are just horrible. We fight non-stop. I try to practice being calm and trying different approaches with her. But, it is easier said than done. So, we keep going, try to find a balance and cross our fingers that this too will pass.

Emily, on the other hand, is easier to deal with. My issue with her lately is her lack of listening. Or, her perfected ignoring techniques. Other than that, she is just so funny.

Here is a video of her demonstrating how to take off a shirt. Usually when I ask them to take off their clothes and put them in the dirty clothes hamper I don't watch. I am usually getting their bath water ready or some other small daily task. This was really the first time I saw her do this and I asked her to do it on the video camera and as you will see, she cooperated nicely. (oh, and enjoy my sexy voice from being sick)

And, those of you with more than one child will probably agree with me that the second (and third and so on, I assume) always pick up things more quickly than the first. This little video shows that she has learned her alphabet way earlier than Bella did. That is the benefit of them having an older sibling to mimic.

We have been enjoying the pool. Once we put it out back on the patio it was cloudy most days. Which here without that lovely humidity, it is a much cooler temp without the sun. But, after a week or so of that, the sun is back out, full force! And, we have been using the pool a lot. And, even though I felt like I was going to pass out blowing it up, I am glad we bought the big pool. It is nice that we can all get in it and enjoy cooling off.

One day we had a little friend join us for a few laps in the pool...

I am going to go and blow my nose for the one millionth time. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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