Friday, March 19, 2010

a little bit of everything

I have been trying to keep busy lately. My house is always clean. The dishes are clean and put away. The beds are always made. This is due to lack of things to do. Not because I am a neat freak. Although in a small way I am.

I find myself sitting on the couch just itching to do something and other than reading the only thing that comes to mind is sewing/crafts. I do have a good amount of books (thanks Heather and Ms. D!) but I don't want to get through them all within a few months of being back. So, the sewing/crafts it is.

Sitting on the couch, looking around, I realize that the pillows on the couch are not very pretty and think that I should recover them. So I did. Looks pretty cute and a bit of a girly touch. Which I like. Jorge doesn't seem to mind.

Jorge brought out his feminine side the other day when I asked him to help me make some paper flowers. Let's just say he is a man's man. They were in a Martha Stewart kit that I bought. Good ol' Martha. Always making beautiful things especially hard for the everyday folk to make. Jorge was a good sport and tried a few and let me clean them up. I got a handful completed but decided that the rest could wait for another day.

Martha also makes some kits to make little accessories. Don't let the photographs fool you into thinking they will be so easy to make. I think Martha gets some sick pleasure from creating kits that are NOT easy to do but look super duper easy to do. EVIL! But, I managed to do a few. Take a look.

I only made the one hair accessory but Emily still wanted to pose for me. We can't leave her out now can we?

Speaking of Emily, real quick, the other morning I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said broccoli. Weird! But, I made it for her and surprisingly she ate it. (note the lovely morning hair)

When I was in the US I kept looking for a tote bag/purse. I had something in mind but could never find it. Well, today I decided to make what I had it mind. I have a link on the side of my blog to exactly what I wanted but I was being lazy and didn't want to make it. I wanted the easy route of buying. That didn't work out. What did work out was me making it. And it didn't even take that much time or effort.

Of course I don't leave the girls out of my crafty mood. We were coloring the other day and had an idea. Not an original one, but knew that what I was thinking would be a hit with them. Or so I thought.

The girls are always playing with little cars. I thought it would be fun to color them a mini track on paper that they could use to play with their cars. I did and here are the results.

I had to stage a car on there because this is what they ended up doing once I put this on the floor in their room.

I guess I planted the idea of a track in their mind and they found one elsewhere. Oh well. You win some and you lose some. But, when daddy got home he sure did enjoy the paper track.

So, after a mega long post, you can see I have been dabbling in a bit of everything trying to keep myself busy.


Anonymous said...

That tote bag is awesome! I think people would pay big bucks for them if you could market them somehow and arrange for shipping. You have to look into it, girl.

Love and hugs
Ms D

Heather said...

I am totally sending you some fabric and the purse pattern I bought. Since it appears you have time. I love all the fun crafts. Where did you get the cute fabric?

julie said...

I love these crafty updates! As always, I am impressed - and I definitely agree with Ms D!


grandmamargie said...

I'm also impressed but certainly not surprised. Go girl.

Amy Strain said...

Val, I have been meaning to catch up on your blog for so long now!! You have been busy!! I LOVE the quilt. I also love that Martha is keeping you busy!