Monday, October 01, 2012

pumpkins! orange, halloween pumpkins!

Yesterday, Jorge and I took a solo trip to Aguascalientes.  It was our 6th anniversary.  We went out to eat, watched a movie, and did some shopping!  It was a really good day.  And, the girls and I are leaving in less than 2 weeks, so this was a trip for him so he could have some retail therapy since I get to bask in it for 4 weeks. 

On our way back home, we stopped at Walmart.  I had to make sure I had enough food and treats for our dog, Colbie.  Hopefully, Jorge will take good care of him and give him his daily treats.

While at Walmart, I spotted pumpkins!  Orange pumpkins!  They were little, but pumpkins none the less!  They had tons of big light green and pale orange ones.  The shapes were beautiful.  I had never seen any pumpkins here before.  Some other expats here in Mexico have commented on finding them in other cities.  But, never me!  Times change! With us only being here a handful more days, there wasn't really a need to get the big ones.  So, we settled on buying two of the little ones.  One for each girl. Plus, we always go to an orchard down the street from my mom's house and buy big pumpkins and carve them in the States.

I had planned on them just being decorative.  Not carving them or anything.  But, I should have known that the girls would want to carve them.  I also assumed there wouldn't be many seeds inside.  I love roasting the seeds.  They are so good!

Tonight, the girls drew some faces on them and we cut them out.  I was surprised to find that they had tons of seeds!  The girls did most of the work and scooped them out and cleaned off the goopy pumpkin.

Even though it isn't dark yet, the girls couldn't wait to light them.

All the seeds are drying on the counter.  Soon, they will be fresh out of the oven!  It is really cool that we were able to do this at home.  And, daddy can help eat the seeds!

Round two in a few weeks!  I love fall!

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Jackie said...

Isn't it a wonderful smell when the jack-o-lanterns are lit?