Monday, October 08, 2012

a little sewing

This morning I sat down at my desk and started to work.  Mondays are my busiest day.  I do my usual work plus some extra reports.  All of these tasks require printing out stuff.

Well, after a few documents printed, my printer ran out of ink.  And, I don't have anymore cartridges.  I just put a new one in 2 weeks ago.  I think I got a bogus cartridge.  Not cool!

Downside of living in a small town, there really isn't any place to buy cartridges.  Once Jorge gets home, we will run over to a nearby town, hoping that they have the cartridge I need.  But, for now, I had some extra time on my hands today.

I could have used that time to do dishes, clean the bathroom, or do some laundry.  While all those sound wonderful (NOT), the people that live below us were having their water heater worked on.   Meaning, the water was shut off for a while.  All those lovely domestic duties would have to wait.

Since my friend Amber Springer has been whipping up quilts like she is running some sort of sweatshop, it got me in the mood for some sewing.  I decided to whip up a bag for Emily.

I made one for Bella a long time ago.  The other day, Emily was using it and that, of course, didn't go over very well with Bella.  Time to make Emily one.

With Emily, she is a tomboy at heart.  But, when we are out in public, I would really like people to know that she is a girl.  So, what I try to do is find something that looks like it is for a girl, but to not be girly.  I think the bag comes close.

First, I drew out the letters for her name and cut them out of cardstock.  Then, I used an old tshirt of hers and traced the letters and cut them out of the tshirt material.

I picked out some non-girly fabric and sewed the letters on and pieced together the front and back of the bag.

I'm still far from perfect for sewing around the letters.  This is as good as it gets.

While I was avoid making it girly, I had this furry fabric left over from a blanket I made for America.  I couldn't resist using it.  I know, even though it is pink, she will love it!

I put together a handle for it and sewed it on.  And, now you have one little bag ready to be filled with all sorts of goodies.

I can't wait to see if she likes!


Penny said...

You are awesome!! Looks super fun!

julie said...

That is adorable ! ! !