Thursday, May 03, 2012

tissue paper bowls

The girls were looking to do something crafty yesterday.  So, I opened up my Pinterest homeschool/kids activities file.  I had just pinned a new art project that day.  It was a great project because, not only did it require only a few items, I had all the items on hand!  Plus, it was something that the girls could do all on their own.  They like those types of projects best.

We made tissue paper bowls.  I just followed the exact directions on the link from Pinterest.  It worked out pretty well.  The girls had a great time making them.

Bella made the smallest bowl.  I think I removed it from the actual bowl a little too early. (I'm impatient.)  I think that is why it looks a little wonky.  But, it still functions the same.  Hers was also the easiest to remove from the actual bowl.  Maybe next time I will spray the cooking spray on the actual bowl before and after I put the plastic wrap on.

Emily made a little bigger bowl.  I had to keep reminding both of the girls to make sure to put the tissue paper around the entire bowl, not just on one area.  She can now store all her treasures in a bowl that she made.

And, what kind of person would I be if I didn't join in on the fun?  So, I made a bowl too.  It ended up in Bella's possession.  She likes to "store" things everywhere.  Bags, boxes, bowls, etc are right up her alley.  She has tons of little things to put inside of something.

Here are all of the bowls side by side.  The smaller the bowl you uses, it seems the easier to remove once it is dry.  Mine, the largest, was a bit tricky.  I ended up having to cut down on the sides a bit because when I removed it, it tore a little.  Just wanted to throw out that advice.

Maybe you can try it out for yourself!  Have fun!  We did.


Leslie Limon said...

So cute! I know my girls would love these to hold they're earrings, jewelry, and multiple hair thingies. I might even make a few for the old wood table I now have in my living room. :)

I'm the Mami said...

How fun! This is going on my list of things "todo" with the toddler girl. She was looking at this post with me and kept saying "kids? Painting?" .

PS. i LOVE pinterest too!

I'm the Mami said...

PPS. I may or may not be your newest "follower" on pinterest ;)

Anonymous said...

The finger! I love the finger!

Amber T

julie said...

Those are incredibly adorable. I want to make one!!!

Jackie said...

What a fun art project! I like how you said the girls were able to do it on their own. They turned out great! :)

Stephanie G said...

Too cute, my daughter would love these!!