Friday, May 18, 2012

superhero comes to life

The whole time we have been here at the resort, there has been this muscle guy that has been walking around.  He stands out because he is not only muscular, but really tall. 

Emily spotted him and said he looked like Captain America.  So, a few days ago he was in the pool and we swam over to him so she could say hi. 

I wasn't sure how he would respond.  Maybe he would be annoyed that we were bugging him.  But, he was really friendly with her.  She was more than excited to meet him.

Everyday since, he has been saying hi to her as he walks by, sometimes stopping and chatting with her.  The look on her face has been priceless.

Yesterday, I had my camera with me and we snapped a few pictures of him and her together.  (His real name is Thomas.)  Just take a look at her face.

Then, last night, we were walking through the main lobby area of the resort and we spot a guy in a costume.  A closer look reveals that it is Thomas, dressed in a Captain America suit.  He said that he had to find a costume for her since she claimed he was Captain America. 

I still can't get over how sweet that was of him.


Lisa n Javi said...

How cute. she will never forget this vacation lol.

sara said...

She's got good taste! jk LOL

You will have to save those pictures for her teen years for embarrassment reasons.

Love the blog.

Stephanie G said...

That is too cute and sweet.
Sorry Valerie, but I have to say, OMG!! His arms and shoulders!!! They are Vin Diesel like!!

julie said...

That is a magical childhood moment!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwe that is so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Your family has that effect on people!It's not difficult to go the extra mile.Your family won my heart, too!Erika :)

I'm the Mami said...

Yes Please! Muscles and heart?! (LOL)

That is a very sweet memory, and I agree - save those pics to pull out in her teens years. That will be a fun memory to retell :)

Tara said...

What an exciting moment for Emily to see her Captain America. That was super sweet of him! I know it seemed so real for your little girl and she'll never forget this vacation! What an awesome guy to do this!