Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's closing in...

Reality is sinking in. He is getting sad and that makes me feel crappy. That's putting it lightly.

Nothing else to report.


Anonymous said...

The whole situation is sad. I feel bad for both you and Jorge.


grandmamargie said...

I'm sorry.

Heather said...

I'm sorry. I know this has to suck for everyone involved. It isn't the ideal situation and everyone has to make the best of it.

At least when you get here, we can drown our sorrows together! Misery loves company.

Amy Sacher said...

You would probably feel worst if Jorge was happy you were leaving. The fact that he is sad should make you feel some happiness because it shows he loves you!

I'm glad he has family and friends near him that hew will find comfort in and when your here you will have family and friends for comfort as well. I hope that your family will be reunited in the USA soon!