Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a few steps

Emily has been balancing very well lately. Just standing by herself. In the past week she has finally got up the courage to attempt a few steps.

Here is a little video of her *walking*.


Colin said...

Okay, yeah. I can't wait.


Cutzi said...

Hi - I don't know how I've never stumbled across your blog before. I know I've seen your picture in the comments over at Mabel's House before. Anyway, here's something you and I have in common - you live in Mexico and most of the time I want to live in Mexico. ;-) Although maybe not right now with the swine flu concerns - glad your family is doing alright. Well, now I'm rambling...

It was fun to skim through your blog and I look forward to seeing how your life is continuing there in Jalisco.